Roman Talks

‘Very informative and interesting. Speaker really knows her subject and gave her talk in an informal and friendly manner. Very good, I would recommend her.’ Aldbourne Group WI

 ‘Loved the demonstrations and objects passed around: mosaics: bite sized sections: Gloucestershire references. Thank you for sharing such a variety of knowledge.’ : Gotherington Local History Society

 Roman Gardens:  Pliny the Elder wrote that there was a certain sanctity to a garden... In this talk I explore the legacy of the Romans in our gardens, how they created peaceful spaces in the midst of their homes, how they used their plants for food, drink, decoration, medicine and dyes. We look at the primary sources, mosaics, frescos, pollen and seeds. What did they bring with them and what has survived 2000 years on?                                                                  (Power Point with replica artefacts and plant examples)

‘Just to say a big thank you for a fascinating talk and slide show this evening and for bringing along all the bits and pieces; I really enjoyed it and lots of members said how interesting it was.’ :Benhall WI. Cheltenham

Beauty and the Bath house :  For this talk about cosmetics I  choose those ingredients to show which give the widest variety of information, things familiar and those exotic, demonstrating the extent of the trade in the Roman empire. I also weave something of how the Romans thought, their ideals of beauty, ageing, morals and the position of woman in society( Living History experience)

Roman Medicine : Offerings to the Gods and a healthy lifestyle seems to be the answer to good health in Roman times. I look at how they thought the body worked and what sort of remedies they came up with for a long life                                                                                    (Power point with replica artefacts and plant examples)

Life in a Cotswold Romano-British Villa : Wealthy Romano Britons appear to have enjoyed a comfortable life in their sumptuous villas. I look at how they spent their days in their silks and furs and ask, what did they consider luxury and who owned these lavish villas? ( Living History experience).

According to the Roman Lucian ‘A woman does not just wash away her sleepiness with cold water and proceed to a serious days work. No, innumerable concoctions in the way of salves are used to brighten up an unpleasing complexion… a multitude of boxes, enough to stock a chemists shop, jars full of mischief, tooth powders or stuff for blackening the eyelids….



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