Iron age food ‘A perfect workshop for infants. Just the right amount of time and they loved stamping their own bread buns. The pairs work well with the mixing bowls. Thank you’ Horton Primary School

3 IRON AGE  WORKSHOPS to choose from for KS1 or KS2

1)Iron Age buildings. The places they lived in through finds. 

Children explore iron age round houses and settlements, communal living, farming and defence.

Workshop Activity:  Children use maps to find the local settlements and look at some of the finds of local archaeology and what they can tell us.

2)Iron Age Food: everyday food

This is a really interactive session.  I have a table of things to see,  as I talk about how the Iron Age ate I give out lots of small bags of different ingredients, nuts, grains etc. for the children to explore,( touch, feel and smell) they have to guess what they are as I chat about each one to give a picture of farming,  trade and who ate what.

Workshop Activity:  Children take turns to use a quern to make flour and handle the different types of grain.

Or Make bread buns.

3)Weaving  The clothes and personal decoration of the Iron Age People

Children explore textiles through clothes. Children, in groups, see and handle examples of wool, linen and silk. Threads dyed with woad, madder and weld giving red, yellow and blue + heddle and tablet looms. Beads  and jewellery show evidence of trade from far distant lands.

Workshop Activity: KS2: Children are shown how to work their own small card loom threaded + bodkin with wool . This loom they can keep and work on later.

( plaiting for KS1)





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