Fantastic. Thorough and comprehensive lots of visual things for the children incorporated in Q&A sessions for the children. Postcards on the desk to capture children’s interest at the start. Pasted around the kit bag contents for children to handle. Children loved the session. we were also provided with followup activities to do.

My class love working with Cherry. Thank you for teaching us all more about WW1

St Paul’s School. Yate Year4

Kit Bag : KS1/2

Exploring life in the trenches through looking at the contents of a soldier’s kit bag.

Hands on workshop, with replica items.


‘Busy Little Fingers’ KS1/2

Looking at the activities of children at school in WW1.

Touches on Empire, trade and shipping.

Activity: writing Postcards.


 Shirkers and Slackers ? KS2/3

A Role play Workshop investigating the recruitment system for The Great War through documents, photos and debate finishing with a war time Local Tribunal.

Who will be sent to the front?.- A Half Day workshop

Helps pupils to really get the feel of the personal dilemmas and consequences of WW1. How it really changed lives.

After an initial talk on how the system worked and the pressures of society, supported by contemporary documents and posters, each participant is given an identity card with name, occupation, address,  nationality. marital status- employment. + plus any other information such as family back ground and photos. Reflecting small town life of 1914. 

The participants get to know their characters, what would they do?

The dilemmas are discussed and debated in class groups

4 reasons not to be sent to war, 

Moral grounds = conscientious objectors

Medical grounds= disabled

Family grounds= dependants

Economic grounds= sole business proprietor

 A Tribunal is convened. (with full class participation)

Conclusion and Sentencing.





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