‘ Excellent captured the children’s imagination, they loved seeing all the colours.”

Arts Workshops to choose from for KS1 or KS2


Clay workshops

African Masks

Tudor Green Man

Medieval Gargoyles

Painting Workshops - All the painting workshops use the real earth pigments, the same used throughout history. Pupils explore how natural pigments were used to decorate the spaces that the people in history used every day. Where did they get the colours from? which ones were most expensive? which stories are told in the pictures? what do the pictures tell us about the people who painted them? supported by the images of the period.

Stone Age cave painting

Egyptian Tombs and Temples.

Wall paintings in Roman Villas

Tudor/ Medieval houses and churches.

WEAVING. Roman, Saxon, Medieval, Tudor. Pupils explore the making of textiles in history, looking at the importance of clothes in status, trade and economy. They examine how cloth was made in the past. Children, in groups, see and handle examples of wool, linen and silk as well as the plants that dye them. Examples of woad, madder and weld giving red, yellow and blue. Will also see the heddle and tablet looms.

Workshop Activity : Weaving, pupils are shown how to work their own small card loom threaded + bodkin with wool . This card loom they can keep and work on later


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