Ancient Egyptian Wall Painting – everyday life

In this workshop we look at not only how the ancient Egyptians painted these fantastic images, but what they did it with in the earth pigments they used.

It is in the tombs that we can see the best preserved painted pictures of the everyday life of ancient Egypt. The artists here wanted to reflect the life of the dead person because they believed that they would need all the things they had in this life in the next life.

After exploring these fabulous images the children are set into groups and given earth pigment paint and watercolour paper to paint their own frieze depicting life in Ancient Eygpt.

KS 2 : Workshop lasts 1 hour: Can be longer to give the children time to paint their master piece!

‘Well prepared input. Fantastic power point presentation. Children looked at the wall paintings before being given the activity, then divided into groups and given a section to complete. They loved it! The children all thoroughly enjoyed the session, we look forward to Cherry working with us again soon.’

St Paul’s School. Yate. Year 4




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