Iron Age: Roman: Saxon: Medieval: Tudor: Victorian: WW1: WW2

I will bring a professional, friendly approach and wealth of knowledge to your event 

Thank you so much, it was fascinating  – I loved the fact that you managed to spin your knowledge into a continuous dialogue/conversation – it kept everything really fresh and interesting. More than once since Sunday I have found my mind wondering and marvelling at these ancient, clean, fragrant and well-moisturised people!!‘  Roman Event at Sudeley Castle 

Events are lovely days, I set out my table presentation and chat all day long to whoever is interested in the era I am presenting. Sometimes I do activities, playing games or making clay masks, sometimes making garlands or weaving,what ever is required to fit in with the scheme of the day. Mostly I talk, engaging the audience by answering questions about what I have around me and giving people an idea of what life was like in the past through the things the people would have known.

Using information gleaned not only from ongoing historical research but practical experience, sometimes literally, in the field!

Using good quality, historically accurate, handmade clothing, replica items and real seasonal produce, a cornucopia for the senses!

Previous Venues

The Wilson Museum, Cheltenham

Yate and District Heritage Centre

Museum in the Park, Stroud

Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe

Cogges Manor Farm, Witney

National Trust, Chedworth Roman Villa

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Mary Arden Site


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