‘The session was great, resources were fantastic and the children especially enjoyed the ring games. Thank you very much.’ Iron Acton School


Role Play. Handling of artefacts, exploring period images and documents. There are some clothes for different characters in the role play.

Sessions can also be orientated around

Famous Victorians e.g. Brunel, Florence Nightingale or Jenner.

8 WORKSHOPS to choose from for KS1 and KS2

Washday KS1: Hands on experience. Before a machine did it for us. Scrubbing, dunking, wringing and folding, children use the old-fashioned methods, materials and tools to get some idea of what a job it was to get the washing clean.

School room: KS 1/2: Role play. Experiencing victorian style education.. I turn the classroom into a victorian style school with slates, tables chanting and songs. With some Victorian games, clapping rhymes or hopscotch for “play time”. children dress in pinafores and waistcoats

Workhouse Experience: KS2 : Role play. Looking at the poorest of the poor, children dress in pinafores and waistcoats have ‘named’ children to identify with, do ‘work’ and play within the strict workhouse regime.

Victorian Children: KS2: Role-play . ‘Day in the life’. Mining/Farming family and the Big House family. Comparison in two groups of rich and poor with some dressing up and artefacts.

Cottage Industry: KS1 & KS2 : Shops, houses and farms. with images and artefacts

Homes in The Past : KS1 : Washing session. Really practical session with tin bath, washing dolly and other household artefacts : learning to swish soap in the water, to squeeze, wring and fold. Understanding what hard work it all was.

Seaside Holidays: KS1: Come for a ride on the Charabanc find out how people experienced the seaside, Victorian to sixties with songs, images and role play.

Toys and games: KS1/2: songs, rhymes and stories : Exploring together traditional games, songs, ring games and rhymes.

Victorian Christmas: KS1 / KS2 : how the Victorians invented Christmas as we know it. Workshop activity: making Christmas cards.





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