‘A really interesting session with real artefacts which the children really enjoyed seeing. Very informative. Thank you!’ St Mary’s School


An engaging role play session for everyone in the class (KS2)

Rationing and Identity Cards, Government Information are given out to everyone then each person takes their turn to reflect a role.

ARP: Land Girls: Evacuees: Home Guard : etc: with lots of action and  artefacts.

Getting a feel of the effects a wartime situation on the lives of different people on the home front with hats, tools, arm bands etc.

 Parnall Factory Works Pass Fragment (KS2 : KS3)

This workshop is an investigation into a significant local Gloucestershire event through the testament of the people who experienced it.

It is supported by a wealth of contemporary photos, maps and documents both German and British with oral history accounts of the events with on line links for further study.

This works pass would have been in regular use to allow the bearer to gain access to their work place. Thelma Barlow worked in the costing department, which according to eye witness reports had a direct hit.!

Picked up in the wreckage of the factory this charred fragment puts working individuals, including women at the heart of the war time community that lost 53 people in one of the first major bombing raids of the war. This area, generally considered as a rural backwater, actually housed an essential war time manufacturing base of national importance in WW2 Britain. Nearly 2/3’s of all bombers had Parnall made Nash–Thompson gun turrets.!


An exploration into how People made the most of this celebration. – looking at rationing, waste not want not, making do, recycling, songs, entertainment and games.

Supported by artefacts posters newspaper archive and oral history.

Workshop activity: making small presents and paper chain decorations.


WW2 RADIO - A dramatic, creative writing project for KS2                           

Have your Class recreate a fun 1940’s style broadcast. The children use archive material to reproduce an exciting Radio Programme of the period which they finish by broadcasting to the school . The recording is then put on CD.

Two experienced workshop leaders come into the classroom for the day with period resources and recording equipment. Working with the children to give them a unique experience.

Key speeches,  front line reports,  home front news,  ministry advice,  songs and comedy.

Exciting, Engaging  and  Inclusive  Activity. Investigating, Enquiring, Reporting. Drama, Entertaining, Performing.

Please go to www.worldwar2radio for more information




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